Spacious Indoor Hutches

Variety of Dried Foods

Claw Clipping/Grooming

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Organic Hay and Straw

Hutches Cleaned Daily

Larges Runs with Sheltered Areas

Special Requirements Catered For

Rabbits checked for Fly Strike


Welcome to Winterbourne Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, 5 Star Holiday Boarding

Winterbourne Rabbits provides a service that guarantees your rabbits will be treated as if they were our own. Your pet will receive plenty of attention with lots of cuddles and affection. What’s more, proceeds of our holiday boarding service are reinvested into our rabbit rescue centre, giving you peace of mind that whilst you are away, you are contributing towards a worthy cause.

Claire and her team have been caring for and working with rabbits for more than 25 years, taking pride in Winterbourne Rabbits’ expertise, experience and facilities.

We specialise in the rescue and re-homing of rabbits and guinea pigs that, for whatever reason, can no longer be cared for in their existing homes. Our rescue centre is Vet approved and fully licensed by South Gloucestershire County Council.

All holiday boarding proceeds are used to fund our Rabbit Rescue Centre